The Arrowhead

The aim of the Abbot’s Mill Project is to provide an exemplar of best environmental and ethical practice in the City, for the benefit of all; residents, visitors and students alike.
The arrowhead piece of land (further along the river to our own land) is integral to our overall project and we would like to manage the entire area as a nature reserve and community education project.

See here for photos showing some of our work on the land: AMP slides Nov 2017

In 2018, we resubmitted our proposal to Canterbury City Council and were requested to present our ideas to Canterbury Area Member Panel (CAMP) on the 20th of November. Councillors were broadly supportive of our proposal and we then ran a public consultation on our ideas. The results of the public consultation were then discussed at the Regeneration and Property Committee for a final decision. The members of this committee voted unanimously in support of our proposals. We are currently finalising the lease agreement with the City Council for the Arrowhead piece of land.
Please email Jo Kidd if you would like to see a copy of the final report from the public consultation.

Click here to see a visual plan of our proposal: Arrowhead visual master-plan

And here to see our AMP Arrowhead Action Plan 2018-19 in more detail (N.B. there are six tabs on this spreadsheet).

Click here to read the minutes and officer's report to CAMP.

You can read all our supporting speeches below...

Jo Kidd (Co-founder and Executive Director, Abbot's Mill Project): Jo Kidd

Dr. Jeremy Kendall, Reader in Social Policy, UKC: Dr Jeremy Kendall

Dr. Virginia Webb, Secretary, Canterbury Community in Bloom, FSA Fellow of Society of Antiquaries, Researcher and Archaeologist: Dr Virginia Webb

Shirley Thompson, MBE. Hon. Education Officer Bat Conservation Trust, Founder member &Trustee Kent Bat Group: Shirley Thompson MBE

Lena Aldridge, Abbot’s Mill Project, Be the Change young activist: Lena CAMP