Sustainability is a concept that is notoriously difficult to define. However, most people would use a description that includes;

  • The need to treat the earth as if we intend to stay.
  • It is about living within our environmental limits now and meeting the needs of existing and future generations.
  • Sustainability is about how we can balance economic, social and environmental factors to create a better world for everyone.

By living sustainably we are clearly saying that we want to leave the best possible inheritance to our children – i.e. a planet that is safe and peaceful, a planet that is free from wars over scarcer and less evenly distributed resources.

Sustainability has three key strands:

  1. Social, ensuring a strong, healthy and just society for existing and future communities.
  2. Economic, where environmental and social costs fall on those who cause them and resources are distributed fairly and efficiently.
  3. Environmental, respecting and protecting the limits of the planet’s environment, resources and biodiversity.

The Abbot’s Mill Project believes that we need to move away from the concept of economic growth at all costs and think more about sustainable development, the green economy and living within our means.

Imagine a world where all humans are valued as equal citizens and not just economically productive units.
Imagine a world where humans accept that non-human animals feel pain, loss, grief, happiness and love, in the same way as human animals.

Imagine a world where kindness and non-violence are valued more highly than power and force; where consumption and economic growth are not the be-all and end-all but where people live sustainably, living within our environmental limits and treating Mother Earth as if we intend to stay!

The Abbot’s Mill Project will be a peaceful, welcoming and accessible place for all.