The Abbot’s Mill Project is actively raising funds for each stage of its development. Currently we are working on our planning application for the water wheel site. The water wheel installation will be funded through grants, donations and sponsorship and we are exploring the possibility of funding part of the project through community share offer. If you are a local business looking to fulfil your CSR commitment or looking to be aligned with a project such as ours and are able to offer us some support, please contact Katie McDaniel.

The next phase of our project will be the building of the education and research centre and again we will be launching a fundraising campaign to fulfil this.

In addition, we are launching our Abbot’s Mill Membership Scheme which will give supporters of our work the chance to make a difference to the project and allow us to thank you for committing to our work through an exciting membership benefits package.

We are also currently looking to extend and expand our community education programme and we are looking for additional funding for this. Please contact us for more details.