Be the Change Project

Be The Change is our new project aimed at children in the Canterbury area (aged 5-11). The group is run by the Abbot’s Mill Project to help children discover and develop their passion as young activists. The group is co-produced so the young people are supported to take the lead and shape the group. The project is kindly funded by the Brook Trust and Kent Community Foundation.

– A nurturing environment for young people to think about the world and what is important to them.

– A safe space for young people to say what they believe and be heard and valued.

– An encouraging and creative group which will empower young people to make a difference in their community and the wider world.

Be The Change is for children of all backgrounds, cultures and abilities. We work together supportively to make sure that everyone’s voice is heard and their skills and interests are valued. We work from a place of compassion for the world and others. Therefore, we aim to do no harm within the group. This includes looking after the plants, animals and people around us, and not consuming any products within the group that may have caused harm to animals or people.

Be The Change is aimed at children aged 5-11, but we encourage parents/carers to get involved and understand that younger/older siblings may also want to join in.

Be The Change meets at the Abbot’s Mill Site on St Radigund’s Street, opposite The Millers Arms in Canterbury.

If you would like to get involved email Louise AllenĀ or call 07882 182232.

See our Facebook group here.